Monday, September 24, 2012

this weekend.

This weekend was perfect and glorious. B was off work for the entire weekend and so we got to spend the weekend being lazy and relaxed.

Saturday we woke up, went to our favorite local deli for lunch, and then hit up some of our favorite  vintage shops here in Baton Rouge. I'm looking for some fun, boyish furniture for Baby S that won't fall apart within a year or two. But after hitting up a few shops with no luck, we decided to head to Denham Springs to check out the Antique District.

I've had a few unique ideas for decor for Baby S's nursery but I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg to make these ideas become a reality. Obviously, we're parents on a budget. BUT, lo and behold, three ideas that I had will become a reality!

Idea 1:

I really, really, really want Baby S to have a library. Like a legit book collection. I want to read to him all the time. I love to read and I really loved to read as a child and I want Baby S to enjoy it as much as I do. But bookshelves are either really expensive, really cheap, or ugly. So I've been trying to find a fun way, unique way to store his books. And I found one:

Brandon and I found a few old wood crate boxes that will be mounted on his walls for book storage. I love the rustic feel and for less than $10, it's very affordable for us.

Idea 2:

Since the boxes were so cheap, I may have gotten a little over-excited and purchased a few too many. But obviously, I don't want 8 boxes hanging on his wall. That would be just too much. So Brandon will be Mr. Handyman again and turning some of them into toy storage. I'm going to have to sand them down a lot to make sure Baby doesn't get splinters when trying to grab to his toys but I think it is so cute.

Again, super cheap. The only thing we're going to have to buy are the wheels.

Idea 3: 

Baby S is going to have a lot of blankets. Most baby's do. And I don't want to hide them away in a closet. So we found the sweetest vintage ladder for baby blanket storage...

Again, super cheap, rustic, and efficient. 

What I love most about all of these ideas is that we spent maybe around $35 for all these items, so if they don't look right or don't work the way we imagine, it's not like we're going to be out a ton of cash. But I think they'll add a unique, boyish charm to Baby S's nursery! Bring on the sandpaper, baby!

Friday, September 21, 2012

birth plan.

Today I had the fun of going to the doctor to check on baby. Again. I'm not sure why I find it annoying to have so many doctor's appointments. I understand that the health and well-being of Baby S is of the upmost importance but I think going to the doctor 1-2 times a month is a bit of overkill. But nevertheless, they said you're supposed to do it and so I do it. 

After my appointment today, I met with a nurse to discuss making a "birth plan". My midwife recommends doing this for all of her patients but especially those who wish to have a natural birth (like myself). I think she realized she was going to have to walk me through the process when she asked if I had come up with one yet. The convo went a little like this:

Midwife: "So, Katie, have you begun working on your birth plan?"
Me: "Birth plan?" (and a face of bewilderment.)
Midwife: "Yes. Your plan for when you have the baby."
Me: "Well sure... my 'plan' is to give birth..." (said like, "umm.. duh.")

Apparently though... giving birth is on every woman's "birth plan". And here I was thinking I was the only one who had it all figured out. 

After meeting with the nurse, though, I got to tell ya... some women are nuts. 

Here are some of the examples of what some women put in their birth plans and my reaction to them. 

- No one allowed in room except for husband, nurse, and doctor. Ever. Now this I might understand for when you actually begin to push... or if you're super modest (which I am not)... But to exclude your entire family and friends who come to be there for you on one of the happiest days of your life by shutting them out into the waiting room... sounds kind of selfish to me. Personally, I'm one of those, "the more the merrier" people and I'm always one to appreciate additional support. 

- Please do not bathe the baby once it is delivered. What the hell? Now that's just gross. I fully anticipate being so overwhelmed with love once our son is delivered that I may just want to be like a lioness and lick my little cub clean... but that doesn't mean I will. If I did, Brandon would likely barf on me. 

- Do not remove umbilical cord until it has stopped pulsating. Okay... so when I heard of this, I thought that maybe I had missed out on some hidden medical miracle and that I should consider doing this too... until I read that there are no scientifically backed benefits of doing this and that the umbilical cord could pulsate for up to half an hour after the baby is born. "Come on in guys! Come see our baby! And don't mind the umbilical cord and placenta still attached to his belly button..." Again... gross. 

- Please keep voices to a whisper while in delivery room. In a perfect universe, I would like this, too. But I'm loud. And Brandon's loud. And I don't think either side of our extended family knows how to "whisper". So instead of thinking this is a good idea, I instead find it hysterical. And a little O.C.D. 

- Please do not allow anyone to touch the baby except the mother and father. I mean... get a hold of yourself.... 

I apologize if any of these things were on/are on your birth plan. This is obviously all of my personal opinion. 

My birth plan is going to look something a little like this:

1. No epidural. Unless I ask for one. Even then, try to encourage me to not have one. Really... don't give me one unless I start to get violent. In that case... shoot me up. 
2. Give birth. This should be a given... but ya never know. 
3. Have cheese enchiladas ready for after the baby's born because momma is gonna be hungry and cheese enchiladas can heal even the sorest of you-know-whats

The End. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

bumpity bump bump.

Here I am in all my gloriousness, at 24 weeks & 1 day preggers, pretending like it's not 82 degrees outside and wearing a sweater and leggings. Take that Louisiana weather! It's September, yo. Get the memo!

But don't hate the leggings... because they're all I feel comfy in these days. Buttoning my jeans have become quite the dreaded experience. In fact, I think I might die if my legs have to touch another pair of jeans. We've totally embraced pantlessness in this house. If only we could convert the rest of the world. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

love it & really??

Love it. 

- He's kicking! He's kicking! It's really one of the best feelings in the world to know he's in there and being so active. Every time I feel him begin to move, I hurry up and put my hand on my belly because I don't want to miss a single movement. 
- Cravings... and the fact that for the past few weeks I've had none. It makes it so much easier to eat a well balanced diet. Hello Caesar salads... goodbye Whopper jr's. 
- Aaaand Winn Dixie has started carrying my most favorite-ist coffee creamer in the entire world, Peppermint Mocha! So I hauled my butt all the way over to Coursey to get THREE bottles of it and some of the best decaffeinated coffee that money could buy! Every sip is like a sip of heaven... I've got to tell ya. 
- How proud I am of myself for cooking every. single. night. Yep... total housewife package right here. 
- The way Brandon lights up and kisses me and tells me I'm the best wife ever when dinner hits the spot. (This should tell you how often this really happens...)
- Waking up to rain, a crisp 67 degrees, a dim room, and a hubby who wanted to skip breakfast to cuddle (he never does that!). Oh the coziness...
- Brandon talking to my belly and reassuring Baby S that the spasticness that is his momma is something that he'll grow to love, just like he did. Tear
- Embarrassing my brothers' with fun little tidbits of information about my pregnancy. See below. 

I know they love it. 
- And we have a baby name!!!!


- Going to grab lunch with two girlfriends who I haven't seen in forever and have them sit there and talk about all the work-outs, dieting, etc. that they've been doing and they still feel "fat". While I'm sitting there licking the potatoes off my plate and wishing they offered free seconds. 
- Having Baby S kick my bladder. Aaand I've officially peed on myself. Curse you kegal exercises that I haven't been doing... curse you. 
- My cooking. I said I've been doing it every night... I didn't say it's been turning out good. I cried over a roast that ended up more like beef jerky and some sliders that ended up having their bottoms' blackened. Thank God Brandon's such a team player and pretends like he likes his food that way. "Oh you mean I can't pierce this roast with a fork? That's just how I like it, baby." and "Blackened is how I like all my buns. It adds a sort of smoky, charcoal-y taste that really brings out the flavor." 
- Baby registries. I haven't started officially putting one together but I have been looking. And I have no idea what I'm looking at. As I'm scrolling through example registries online, most of my reactions are like "What the heck is that? Wait... that goes where?!!". Holy awkwardness, I don't care how necessary it is, I do not want to unwrap that sucker at a party... 
- Urine samples at the doctor's office. I hate them. I hate them. I hate them. And I always manage to pee on my hand. And then I spend an additional 20 minutes in the bathroom literally scrubbing my flesh off because it's just so dang gross. 
- Speaking of peeing... Brandon walking in on me during another pee sesh. He says, "All I ever do is see you on the toilet peeing these days or crying". He thinks I'm sexy. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

a quilt.

This past Tuesday, I had the most awesome day with my mom. I've been lucky to have my mom (and Brandon's mom, for that matter) be so involved in this little baby's life... and to think, he hasn't even graced us with his presence yet! 

My mom is planning on making the bedding for our little boy since I'm really not into a lot (or any) of the baby bedding out there that they have for little boys. Basically, we have two choices... farm animals or sports paraphernalia. And no thanks to both. 

And so on Tuesday, mom and I went on the hunt for some fabric that she could begin the quilt with. After a few unsuccessful trips to Hancock Fabrics and a quilting shop that had closed, we found the cutest little shop that had some of the most modern and stylish fabric. And we found lots of fabric we loved!

I couldn't be more excited for the finished product. 

We also found the paint colors' for the nursery, which turned out to be easier than I thought since mom was wearing the exact color navy on her dress (because, yes, I am being very particular about the navy that will be in this room...). 

I feel like it's becoming more "real" now. Like, this little being growing and kicking inside of my belly will eventually come out. And then some moments I feel like I may just be pregnant forever and never be able to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine again. 

BUT, as soon as the weather cools just a bit more (hopefully in the next week or two), I'm going to enlist the help of my brothers' and get the spare furniture out of the what will become the nursery. And then we (my mom, Brandon, and I) will begin the fun process of creating a room for a little boy that will be here in 16 short weeks! 

16 weeks. Sounds so soon. Like, I'm going to blink and then have a baby in my arms. I need to really try and remember to stop and take this all in because I feel like it's just going by so, very fast. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Everything changes.

I've had the same car since my sophomore year of college. After wrecking my Mitsubishi Gallant, my dad gave me his car, a 2001 Toyota Camry. That was almost 6 years ago. But even before that, my family had the ole' Camry... as far back as my high school days. It's weird now when I'm driving in it to look in the rearview mirror and think that not too long ago, I was sitting in that very backseat with my two brothers while we drove with my parents to church. And then to imagine that in 4 months, I'll have my own baby back there. It's quite a crazy feeling.

I've driven to parties in that car, road-tripped in that car, got a few first kisses in that car, and laughed and cried and even been broken up with in that car. I practically lived out of that car when Brandon and I first started dating... always keeping a spare toothbrush and some bobby pins in the center console. I even remember recently using that car to stop by Walgreens to buy a pregnancy test, being scared out of my mind, and praying to God the whole way home that the outcome would be what He thought was best. And now... well, now I'm shopping for a baby seat for that car.

I can't help but think of how much my life has changed since my parents first drove the Camry off the lot. How much I've grown and learned and lived. How many things that I dreamed about then that didn't come true and, yet, here I am so blessed and so happy that I wouldn't altar a single moment of any of it.

Everything changes... but some things... even if it is just the old Toyota you drive, some things stay the same.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Letters to Baby S. - Entry #2

September 3, 2012

Hello Love, 

You're 22 weeks old today and weighing right at 1 pound. It's truly crazy how quickly the time has flown by. I feel as if it was only yesterday that I sat with your daddy on our bed in disbelief as we both stared at the outcome of the pregnancy test. But I know that time has passed because all the inhibitions and fear that I had then has completely melted away and now I have nothing but feelings of excitement and impatientness for your arrival. 

Two weekends ago we found out your were a boy! Our son. And it I couldn't be more smitten. I've spent many hours laying awake at night imagining the kind of boy you'll be. And I know, that if you're anything like you're father, you'll be handsome, smart, funny, and loving. And if you're anything like me, you'll be stubborn,  clumsy, and talkative. Let's hope you receive a pinch more of your father's genes... 

Three nights ago I felt you kick for the first time. Well, it was the first time I knew it was kick. In retrospect, I may have been feeling you move for quite some time, but your movements weren't quite as strong yet and I wasn't sure what exactly the fluttering in my tummy was. Now that I know that it's you, I realize that you're quite the active little boy. Your movements have gotten so strong that your dad was even able to feel one of your kicks... when it happened he jumped back in awe and smiled from ear to ear. It was a moment I'll never forget. 

It's truly mind-blowing to me how much of my day is consumed with thoughts of you. And how much I already love you. Sometimes (and I like to blame this on the pregnancy hormones), when I think about you all snug and growing inside of me, it makes my eyes well up with tears and this huge wave of emotion completely overwhelms me. If your dad is around, he'll usually laugh at my expense and I don't blame him... you've turned me into a marshmallow. 

Just 18 more weeks... we're more than halfway there. 

I love you, son. 

Love, Mommy

What Will It Bee??

Last weekend, both Brandon's and my family threw us our first baby shower. A "What Will It Bee?" shower since no one (with the exception of my bestie, Michelle) knew what gender Baby S was.

Our ultrasound nurse told us when to close our eyes, determined whether Baby S was XX or XY, and hid the answer in a sealed envelope.

Brandon and I quickly drove the envelope to my best friend, Michelle, who held onto it for safe keeping until the party.

And without further ado, here are pictures from our "What Will It Bee?" shower!

And wouldn't you know it... 

It's weird... after finding out for sure what sex Baby S is, Brandon and I admitted to each other that we both truly thought he was a boy from the beginning. I'm, literally, the most excited I've ever been in my entire life! 

The shower sure did make Brandon and I realize how blessed we truly are. We have some pretty amazing family and friends and I can't wait for our son (it's so fun saying that!) to meet them all. He's going to one spoiled rotten little man.