Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Letters to Baby S. - Entry #1

I wrote this little letter two days after finding out I was pregnant: 

May 9, 2012

To my little sweetheart,

So it's been two days. Two days since I found out you existed. And to say I was shocked was an understatement. Your dad and I weren't yet prepared to be blessed with something so precious. But while you most definitely did surprise us, we couldn't be more excited. 

Your daddy has been giddy with excitement. I've been nervous and scared. How could I receive such a beautiful gift from our Lord? And my beautiful baby, you are such a gift. I can only assume you are going to be the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. The next nine months of my life will be spent preparing for your arrival and getting myself mentally ready to be the best mother and role model that you could have. 

I hope you know that even after only two days, I already love you so much. 

xoxo, Mommy 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Coming Soon!

It's true! Brandon and I are pregnant!

The past 8 weeks have been quite the emotional rollercoaster as little Baby S was not expected nor planned but as the weeks have gone by, we couldn't be more excited! There are certainly still moments where I think I might pee my pants out of nervousness (or it could be the deathly amount of fear I experience from time to time) but I know that I have such an amazing family and such an extraordinary husband (who is going to be a GREAT dad) that those sneaky little insecure feelings only last a moment or two. And then I think of how blessed we are... and then I usually start crying (pregnancy hormones are no joke).

I can't wait for the months to fly by and even though I'm only a mere 8 weeks, I'm still SO anxious to meet Baby S. Oh, January, please come quickly!

This blog is going to my my diary of our journey from going to a two-person team to a three-person family... so stay awhile if you please!