Thursday, February 21, 2013

2 months!

Again, I'm a day late since Ty turned 2 months yesterday but the poor thing had to get his 2 month shots and was just not feeling well for most of the day and I couldn't force myself to put him through a mini-photoshoot just for the sake of it being on the exact date of his little mini-birthday. 

But here he is! My little TWO MONTH OLD BOY!

Age: 2 months old. Weight: 11 pounds 3 ounces!Height: 21.75 inches.Eating: We have slowed to eating only about every 3-4 hours and sometimes even only wake up up only twice during the night! 

Tyson likes: Ty still likes to be held all. the. time., loves to practice standing, being outside and long stroller walks. He has enjoyed his last two baths (finally!) and loves listening to nursery songs and listening to books being read to him. 
Tyson dislikes: there hasn't been a whole lot we've learned that he doesn't like... most of the things I put as "dislikes" during his 1 month post, he has learned to like. He even has learned to like diaper changes! I guess the only dislike he has is being left to entertain himself for extended periods of time (and when I say "extended... I mean periods of 5 minutes of more).... this momma can't get anything done! 

Best Moment of the Month? I would like to say that the first time he slept (almost) through the entire night was the best moment, or the first time we had a bath with zero crying... but in reality my favorite moment was the first time we had a "conversation". It was early one morning and I was changing his diaper just talking to him when he began "talking" back. I'd say something to him and he'd exchange with some coo's and aah's. And then, just when I least expected it, he showed his first real smile. A big, totally-on-purpose grin. It was heart-melting. 
Milestones? Ty has begun grinning (although it takes some work getting them out), can practically hold his head up on his own, and puts lots of weight on his legs while practicing standing. He loves looking and focusing on all the things around him and has become quite more vocal!

What's crazy is that that onesie is the exact same one he wore in his 1-month pictures... I'd say he is filling it out, huh? 

I am ridiculously head-over-heels in love with this little boy. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Top 10 essentials: 0-2 months

I've had a lot of people ask me what things have been the most useful for me with a newborn, whether it's been because they've been creating their own registry or wanting to purchase something of good use off of someone else's registry. I understand that my "essentials" are going to change month-to-month as Ty grows so I'll continue this every few months or so but the following 10 things have by far been the most helpful when caring for our little new baby. 

1. Muslin Swaddle Blankets - I had originally registered for some of these but didn't receive any. Instead, I was gifted about 10 packs of flannel swaddle blankets so originally I thought that those would do the trick. By chance I ran across some Aden & Anais muslin swaddle blankets at TJ Maxx and picked them up. While flannel blankets are certainly useful, they don't develop the softness and flexibility that the muslin blankets have until many, many more washes. Also, the muslin blankets are much larger and truly do swaddle so much better. Not to mention, they're a lighter material for those warmer days. 
2. MamaRoo - My MamaRoo is a God-send. It is one of the only things, aside from his carseat, that Ty will sleep in. I love that I can just plug into the wall (no batteries!) and it will sway at any speed to any movement I set it to. Ty prefers the fastest setting and the highest elevation since he likes to be able to see everything. I just haven't found any other swings/bouncers that have as many options for newborns. 
3. Gas Drops - I wish I had stocked up and had these at the house already when we first brought Ty home. When Ty is gassy and simple burping isn't doing the trick, these cause his little belly almost instant relief. We have 3 bottles - one for his diaper bag, one for home, and the third in case we lose one of the first two. That's how essential these are. 
4. Right Height Bath Tub - When I first registered for this tub, I was a little hesitant... the reviews are 50/50. But I, personally, love mine. The infant seat is cushioned and perfect so that Ty can never be too deep in the water and I love how it has the option to be raised so that this tired mommy doesn't have to strain her back.
5. Soothie Pacifier - Ty initially refused to take a pacifier. Everyone would always tell me how great that was... until he needed to be pacified. We have tried every pacifier out there and this is the only one Ty will take for extended periods of time. 
6. Zip-up Onesies - Whoever invented buttoned footed onesies must have never changed a diaper at 3 a.m. The zip-up onesies are sooo much easier when you're changing diapers in the dark with one eye open. So much so that Brandon and I almost avoid putting Ty in any button-down onesies simply because it takes three times the amount of time to change him. 
7. Tommee Tippee Bottles - While searching for bottles I was so overwhelmed. I knew I wanted to breastfeed but also knew that it was inevitable that Ty would eventually need to drink from a bottle if I ever had to leave him for longer than an hour or two... but I was so worried about causing nipple-confusion. These bottles are amazing. Not only did they not cause nipple-confusion but they also have a built in heat indicator so that Brandon and I can be sure that we're not giving Ty a bottle that is warmed too hot. Plus, they don't seem to cause any excess gassiness. 
8. Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag - This diaper bag is awesome. Not only does it have a ton of room and plenty of side pockets for storage but it's also super cute and looks nothing like a diaper bag. I am constantly getting complimented on it. 
9. Car Mirror - This was another item I wish we would have had before bringing Ty home. It took one too many times of me reaching back to check his breathing (crazy mom alert!) and stretching my neck at red lights to see how he was doing before we finally purchased one. It's so nice and gives so much peace of mind being able to see Ty in his carseat while I'm driving. 
10. Wipe Warmer - I don't even think I registered for one of these but my wonderful sister-in-law purchased us one anyway. Now I don't know how I'd change a diaper without it. Let's just put it this way... Ty at home with the wipe warmer = no meltdown during diaper changes. Ty anywhere else with cold wipes = meltdown.

Honorable Mentions: 
- Our Boppy: Great for breastfeeding and setting Ty up.
- Burp cloths: so necessary that I almost didn't mention them but we have, like, 100 and I swear we use every, single one of them. 
- Puppy pads (or changing pad liners as they're actually called): Ty pees everywhere almost every time we change his diaper. VERY helpful on my laundry loads. 
- Diapers: Duh, right? But make sure you find a diaper brand you like and then STOCK UP! Only once did we run out of diapers (they go quicker than you realize and you may think you have another box full in the closet when actually... you don't) and it was like sheer panic in this house. Now I keep a full inventory. 

So there you have it! My list of must-have's for Ty's first two months! There have been many, many other things that have been very helpful as well but these items have made my day-to-day much easier!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

6 week check-in

I feel as though I might start every single post with, "Oh my goodness, has it been (insert amount of time here) already? Where has the time gone?!". But seriously... 

So Ty is 6 weeks old. And it's nuts. Mainly because he's already changed so much. He's had a few smiles (whether they're accidental or on purpose is still debatable but, hey, we still love them...), he can follow us with his eyes, and when we walk into a room and begin to speak, he actually looks for us by following our voices. These are tiny steps in the grand scheme of Ty's development but it's so amazingly awesome to watch this little boy grow. 

We're also already seeing little tidbits of his personality shining through. For example, if he's being a bit fussy, taking him outside will calm him down. He loooves the sights and sounds of the outdoors. He hates being woken up... or just waking up in general, for that matter (a lot like his daddy...). He's ticklish. And even becoming a wee bit talkative. But most of all (and my most favorite), he's a super snuggler. I seriously hope he likes to cuddle me until he's in junior high. Maybe even until high school. Or college for that matter. 

Most of my days I feel like we're really not all that busy but I'm finding that I can't ever find time to get anything done. I have thank you cards sitting on my dining room table that still need to be written and it's been a couple of weeks since any of our laundry has been folded but I suppose this is because when Ty is awake (and this is much more often now), I hate hate hate just leaving him in his MamaRoo or bouncer to accomplish a few chores. I'm all about stimulating him and introducing him to new sounds and sights and senses. I'll sing to him (everything from lullabies, to Hootie & the Blowfish, to my girl Britney Spears), we'll dance, I'll read to him, put different textured items in his hands so that he can feel them, and if the weather's nice we'll sit outside on the swing or do tummy-time on a blanket in the grass. I talk to him all day long, make faces at him, play with his fingers and toes, and kiss him probably a little more than necessary. 

Of course, I've also learned that there is such a thing as over-stimulating a baby and if Ty begins to get a little fussy from this, we'll take it easy for the rest of the day with naps and quiet time. Luckily, my baby is not much of a crier, but when he does cry (even though I hate it) it is seriously the cutest.

But for the most part, my little man is totally loving taking everything in. And I love watching him take it all in. So those clothes that need to folded can wait until tomorrow...