Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Ty is officially 6 months old! I can not believe that it has been half a year since my little angel was first introduced to this world... it's just crazy how quickly the time is passing! June 20th was his actual 6 month birthday but after his 6-month vaccinations, he was not in the mood to be posed and photographed. In fact, these vaccinations were the hardest yet. Ty cried for about 4 days straight, he hardly slept, and was not his usual happy-go-lucky self. It was exceptionally hard on myself, knowing how bad he was feeling and I put off doing all housework, etc. so that I could cuddle him for hours on end. Unfortunately, even though he is feeling much better now, his sleep pattern has not adjusted back to "pre-vaccinations" and we are still waking up 6-10 times a night. I am one exhausted momma. 

Sleeplessness aside, Ty is so much fun these days. He is playing with toys, interacting with us like never before, and talking up a storm. He spends 90% of his day smiling and laughing and Brandon and I spend hours on the floor playing with him. 

SO much has happened this past month that I know I'm bound to forget something. He's sitting up unsupported (although still a wee bit wobbly), rolls over from stomach to back, is grabbing everything, and is blowing raspberries like it ain't noone's business! This past month we got into the pool with him for the first time, started solid foods, bought him a ton of new toys, and had him dedicated at church. 

Age: 6 months old! 
Weight: 16 pounds 8 ounces
Height: ***
Eating: Ty is still breastfeeding but he started solid food at about 5 and a half months. At first we weren't successful but after my pediatrician suggested that we buy store-bought baby food since it is a finer texture, he has loved it! 

You will notice in these pictures below that my hand is in a few of them... I'm not so sure if we will continue doing the bench picture since I am so scared he is going to dive-bomb off of it. 

Tyson likes: Bouncing in his doorway bouncer (this has become hilariously fun), his wubbanub, Sophie le Giraffe, chewing on everything his hands can get on (including his hands and toes), being outside, having his momma sing The Wheels on the Bus (over and over and over again), having his daddy throw him up in the air, belly kisses, blowing raspberries, watching Lola (he thinks she is hysterical), eating carrots and peas, and standing. 

Tyson dislikes: Getting in his carseat (this is becoming quite the battle), being in his carseat, doing one activity for longer than 5 minutes (except bouncing and standing, of course), being laid on his back, having something out of his reach. 

"Seriously, mom?! Get me out of here!"

"Whatever... I'm over this. And I just left you a nice little surprise in my diaper."

Best Moment of the Month: Of course, I'm extremely proud of his developing skills. I jumped for joy the first time he rolled over and starting solids has been so much fun (messy, but fun). Every laugh and smile makes me beam with joy. But I've got to say, probably the best moment was when I walked into the room and Ty reached up for me for the first time. The emotion I feel when Ty reaches for me still takes me by surprise every time. That feeling is like no other. He wants me, because I am his mom. I love, love, love it. 
Milestones: Sitting up unsupported, rolling over stomach to back, starting solids, and like I said... I'm sure there's a ton more but the lack of sleep has turned my brain to mush. 

Check out that posture!! Haha!

And just for fun... let me introduce you to Mr. Emo-Ty:

One minute we're angry....

Then 3 seconds later we're happy again!

Brandon claims he gets that from me... 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

a few milestones.

It's amazing to me to see the difference in Ty in just a few short weeks. It's like, all of sudden, my baby is not really a baby. And I know he's still a baby, but not the sleep all day, eat when he's up, "let's just cuddle and hold you" kind of baby.

Instead he's grabbing things, interested in everything, and wanting to constantly be moving/stimulated. 

It's bittersweet. 

I was going to save the introduction of these milestones for his 6 month post but I realized that we've reached so many, I was going to have to create a post all in its own for all the mini-accomplishments our little Ty has hit. 

So let's get going. 

At a little bit over 5 and half months, Ty tried his first taste of solid foods! I know that I was bound and determined to wait until he was 6 months old but at Ty's last check-up our pediatrician had given us a paper describing the signs to watch for that would show that he was ready for foods other than breastmilk. At about 5 months old, Ty was displaying all of the signs. I was still determined to wait until one day I was sitting at the dinner table with Ty in my lap and I went to put whatever food was on my fork in my mouth. Ty had been watching me do this the entire time, almost like he was studying the process, when all of a sudden he opened his mouth too, like a little baby bird waiting to be fed. With each bite that I took, he'd open his mouth. I knew what that was... the big sign. The sign that said he was more than ready. So I called my pediatrician and voiced my concerns about starting him before 6 months in which she made a very valid point.... if everyone said that babies shouldn't be learning to walk before the age of 10 months, but my baby starts walking at 9 months... am I going to push him down to keep him from walking? The answer to  that was no. If Ty was showing me that he was ready, then he was ready. And I had to let go and follow his signs. So I went and bought a few different veggies and made some homemade baby food and we gave it a go. 

Mmm... sweet potato. :)

At first we weren't very successful. I think Ty really struggled with the textures of the food. And I really began to doubt myself that we really did start too soon. Some nights, Ty would be super interested in trying to eat and some nights he'd try 4 bites and be done with it. I really try to follow his cues. If he's done, we stop... even if it's after only 2 bites. I don't want this to stress him or myself out. But the past few nights we've made leaps and bounds and Ty managed to swallow most of his food instead of get it all over him!

We've done sweet potatoes, banana, carrots, and pear. 

Ty also rolled over! Granted he's only done it twice but at least he has shown that he can do it. And that's all I'm worried about. I've been trying to get him to do this for months and when he finally did it, it was so unexpected that I almost missed it! He gave me this huge grin like, "Look mom! See what I just did?!" Haha!

(Right after he rolled over!) 

We're also sitting up! We're not completely stable yet but he's definitely improving every day. Some days he's totally uninterested in even trying (what's the rush, right?) but some days he'll let me help him practice for 20-30 minutes (which is hours in baby time)!

And oh, the grabbing. He will now literally grab things out of your hand, off of your plate, even things you thought were out of his reach. I mean, it's like his arms can stretch infinitely far. (Is my baby a Stretch Armstrong??) And every day he's getting better at it. So guard your breakables and drinks at the dinner table... this is your warning. 

And just for fun... here is a little video of Ty in his bouner... bouncing. For the longest time, we'd put him in there and he'd just stand in it. Or walk around in circles. Then it was like, all of sudden, one day he figured it out. And he loves it!