Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Dearest,

My Dearest Tyson Lee, 

Before you were born I used to write you letters dreaming of the day we would meet and you would be ours. You'll have to forgive me for the lack of them since you've arrived because every time I sit down to start one, you'll call for my attention and frankly, spending time with you always wins over writing you a love-note. 

But today you are 8 months old and napping so peacefully next to me and I can't help but get a knot in my throat thinking about how quickly the time is flying by. I'd give anything just to make the days go by slower and to keep you little like this just a while longer. 

I hope you know that you are just so very, very precious to me. Your laughter and smile brings so much joy to my heart and brightens even the gloomiest of days. Lately you have been very busy, but recently you learned how to kiss and your 'sugars' are the best, complete with buckets of slobber. You offer them to your daddy and I freely and will occasionally wrap your little arms around our necks or squeeze our cheeks to get in a really good smooch. I hope and pray that you will always love to kiss your Momma. 

You are growing every day and I can't believe how big you've gotten in just 8 short months. My once preemie baby boy is now so strong and fearless and looking to get into everything. Even when you aren't feeling 100%, you'll still be flashing that million dollar smile that completely consumes your face and my heart feels as though it might burst with all of the love and adoration I have for you. 

Everyone that meets you can't help but tell us how good you are, or how happy you are, or how beautiful you are and, naturally, I agree with them. You make your Daddy and I very proud to call you ours. 

You look more and more like your daddy every day. Every time your daddy is holding you or letting you climb all over him, I can't help but voice the fact that you are becoming the spitting image of the amazing man playing with you or holding you so sweetly in his arms. He loves you so very, very much and I knew I loved your Father before I even married him, but seeing him in the role as your Daddy makes me fall in love with him all over every, single day. 

Each new day with you brings something to remember and I'm so thankful for your happy spirit. 

My heart is so full with your constant hilarities. You complete me in a way I never thought possible and every night before I fall asleep I make a point to thank God for you. I simply adore and love you to pieces, precious little boy of mine. 


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