Sunday, August 18, 2013

Birthday party fun!

Yesterday, Ty got to attend his second birthday! Brandon's former business partner's daughter and nephew, Addison and Gage, turned 2! The party was Mickey Mouse themed and so much fun! I was a little worried that most of the stuff they had for the kids wouldn't be age appropriate for Ty but, aside from the bouncy jungle-gym thingy, he was able to participate in pretty much all of it. However, we spent most of the time in the ball pit. Ty was in ball heaven!

At first, Ty wasn't quite sure what to make of it and spent quite a bit watching the big kids (if you can even call 2 year olds "big kids").

But after a little encouragement from Daddy, he began to warm up to the ball pit!

We were also so very excited that we finally got to meet Cadence! Cadence lives in Arkansas but his mommy and I have bonded over the fact that Cadence and Ty were born exactly a month apart and both a teensy bit premature. They also both have the same easy-going, playful attitudes! Poor Cadence was recovering from a ear infection, though, and so he wasn't his normal self but he was still a trooper with all of the pictures his mommy and I took of the two boys playing together. 

And naturally, Ty was being a little ham. 

After the two birthday babes opened their presents and blew out their candles...

...Ty and Cadence went inside to play and have a little "downtime" from the rambunctiousness of the big kids. 
Ty absolutely loved playing with Cadence! Whatever toy Cadence picked up, Ty was instantly interested in and he kept leaning in and giving Cadence "kisses and hugs". 

That is, until Ty decided he was done with Cadence and tried to pull up on him and tackling poor Cadence to the ground...

And, lastly, how can you not end a Mickey Mouse themed party without putting on a pair of the ears??

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